RE: Bright Moon, Dim Shuttle

Richard Baldridge (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:02:20 -0800

I've had the same problem from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I've NEVER seen
the Shuttle this dim.  However, I did spot it last night with 7x50s, (never
naked eye) ON time and ON track (from the Rev42 elements) at magnitude +5 --
barely naked-eye with the full moon out.  

This Mission has made me the goat several times already when I posted pass
predictions to several dozen people in my astronomy club and they didn't see
a thing.  This forced me to check and re-check my predictions and program
configuration files (Skymap, STSPlus and Quicksat).  They're right, so have
faith!  Keep looking!

Rick Baldridge
Campbell, CA.

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> From southern California, the HST-STS103 docked pair was to have
> culminated
> at 39 degrees at 18:22 PST Dec. 22 (02:22 UTC Dec.23).  I looked but never
> saw it at all even after scanning around with 7x50 binoculars.  The sky
> was
> very clear with a considerable number of stars visible even with the full
> moon.  I'm not the most expert observer but neither am I a total klutz.
> I've seen plenty of satellites.  A very stealthy mission if you ask me!
> Maybe the DOD should be taking notes.
> -- Jake Rees
>     Burbank, California
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