[ADMIN] Y2K issues -- shutdown of SeeSat-L on Dec 30

Bart De Pontieu (bdp@blackadder.lmsal.com)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 13:23:39 -0800

Hi all,

Some administrative info:

1. SeeSat-L will be non-functional from Dec. 30 until sometime Jan. 1.
This is due to blackadder being shut down for (at least) that time period.
It is not improbable that there will be connectivity issues between Dec 24
and Jan 4, since Lockheed (where I work) is shutting down its network
during that time. However, since most of our lab is connected to the
Internet through NASA/Ames, we will most probably not have problems
until Dec 30. When exactly SeeSat-L will be functional again depends on
when I get a chance to switch on blackadder again, and whether or not
SmartList still works in 2000 (it probably will). 

2. The hypermail archive may fail in 2000. If that happens, it may take a
week or so to get it back to work.

3. Viruses will apparently be a major problem around Y2K. We recently had
a worm being sent to some authors of SeeSat-L messages, not to SeeSat-L
itself [the problem has been identified and solved]. Viruses can't be sent
through SeeSat-L since we have filters in place for attachments and
anything non-ASCII. So, if you get a virus seemingly coming from SeeSat-L,
it's most probably not directly from SeeSat-L. If that happens, report it
to me privately at bart@satellite.eu.org or bdp@lmsal.com or
bdp@blackadder.lmsal.com and if all else fails
Whatever happens: please do NOT send any messages to SeeSat-L complaining
about viruses/worms, just complain to me and I'll try to solve the

I hope you have nice holidays,
       Bart, SeeSat-L administrator

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