Re: TLE format after Dec 31

John W. Gardner, Jr. (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 20:23:29 EST


>From the 12/23/99 OIG/GSFC Satellite Catalog Action Report I received
the following Y2K elest, though _now_ in error, suggest the TLE format
will remain the same.  The epoch date provided is January 2, 2000  

DMSP F15 (USA 147)
1 25991U          00002.43559332  .00000457  00000-0  26148-3 0    27
2 25991  98.8960  60.4417 0009248 269.1536  90.4266 14.14475454  2924
Programs should have inserted routines which id such dates now as future
epochs.  And will accept them as valid epochs (within limits--with or
without the leading zeros) when 2000 arrives. Note the absence of the
cospar (int'l launch id number) which is another factor programs should

My program is ELE_MAN9.EXE but is not ready for release. :-(  I'm sure
there are other programs though which also fully address the issue.

John Gardner,Jr
Hoarder of TLEs

76.98569 W  39.00195 N   62.484m  ASL

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999 02:38:50 +0300 "Igor Lissov" <>
>What will be epoch format in TLEs after December 31?
>99365 -> 00001? Other?
>What software does process this future format?
>Traksat doesn't process 00001, it gives runtime error.
>Merry Christmas to you all,
>Igor Lissov
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