Re: TLE format after Dec 31

Allen Thomson (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 21:21:18 -0600

From: Igor Lissov <>

> What will be epoch format in TLEs after December 31?
> 99365 -> 00001? Other?

All indications are that the YYDDD. format will be continue to be used by
NORAD.   I intend to use it in generating the satelem files if that's the
way the elsets come through from OIG and other sources.   For archival
purposes, I'll probably prepend "19" or "20" to the epoch as appropriate,
since I don't retain the international desigator and so there won't be a
space problem (at least for a while :-) ).

> What software does process this future format?
> Traksat doesn't process 00001, it gives runtime error.

I think we're on our own in figuring out how what programs can deal with the
problem, or in devising tricks to circumvent it.

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