Negative STS Observations
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 22:40:47 EST

I live in Wilmington, Delaware (39.75 N).  I've been looking for the shuttle, 
with an average altitude of 15-17 degrees.

On Monday: I was at a funeral.
On Tuesday:  TWO passes, but clouds!
On Wednesday:  I assumed that I could see it naked-eye, and I didn't even 
take my binoculars!  Negative observation.
On Thursday:  Clouds!

On Christmas Day, I have a pass at my location, near the time of planned 
separation.  A positive observation would make for a nice Christmas present 
(I've never seen the Space Shuttle, nor ISS) !

Is anyone trying to see it telescopically?  Like you fellas in California and 
in Texas?

Jonathan Wojack

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