Shuttle+HST -- Now that's more like it!

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 19:23:37 -0600

Friday evening Texas time, I'm supposed to be in San Antonio,
but my folks said it was cloudy there and why not hang around
Austin long enough to see Shuttle+HST.  So I accepted their
suggestion.  (-:   Nice and clear here.  One of my neighbors 
stayed around long enough to see it also, so he got to see a 
an Iridium 75 flare and 00694.

Anyway, at about 7:02 PM local (1:02 Dec 25 UTC) I happened 
to noticed an object brighter than Altair near that star and 
moving in the right direction.  As it ascended it brightened
to about +0, and then about 1:03 or so it stopped brightening 
for about 30-60 seconds.  Then as it approached and passed 
near Jupiter, it reached possibly -0.5 for some seconds.  It 
went into shadow at about 1:06:25.  So my neighbor and I were 
fortunate enough to get to watch a very good one-power pass 
for over four minutes!  

I appreciated Robert Reeves' information regarding details
of the Shuttle+Hubble configuration, and I hope that he got
to see them tonight!

Now, I need to get going to San Antonio or Santa Claus may 
arrive before I do!

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas

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