David Cappellucci (dcappell@usa.net)
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 19:15:20 -0700

I just saw a way-cool pass of STS with HST trailing (25 Dec, 18:13 MST).  My
wife spotted it first, slightly ahead of where I was expecting it.  When I
looked through my binoculars, I initially thought I was seeing a comet.  STS
was trailing a plume of luminous gas curving behind and below its
trajectory.  The plume was "comma shaped".  HST was trailing just behind the
plume of gas.  Both objects were fairly low to the horizon (from here in
Colorado Springs).  I assume that the plume was gas venting from a maneuver
burn.  Anybody know for sure?

By far, the most visually interesting satellite pass I have ever seen!

Dave Cappellucci
Colorado Springs, CO (38.923 N, 104.870 W)

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