STS-103, Hubble, Holidays and Y2K

Patrice Gambaro (
Sun, 26 Dec 1999 00:26:31 -0500

Hi everybody

Many thanks to all lucky observers under favorable latitudes for
describing your observations. I'm way too far north (45) and even tough
I watched the Nasa TV feed on the net (not terrible on my slow
connection), your descriptions are the most interesting to me.

Many of you described a "water dump"; can someone explain what's the
reason for the shuttle for dumping water out in space ?

I look forward to the upcoming STS-99 mission, the Shuttle Radar
Topography Mission, which should provide good observation oppotunities
to all of us since the Shuttle will be at a relatively low altitude (126
nautical miles) and on a 57 orbit.

In the mean time, happy holidays to all and have a good Y2K party !


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