RE: STS-103 & HST

Penny Fischer (
Sun, 26 Dec 1999 15:04:38 -0500

Hi all!

My boyfriend and I witnessed a very nice pass of the STS/HST complex
yesterday evening at about 6:36 pm EST. At least I thought they were still
attached, as I saw nothing leading or trailing.

Two really great aspects of this pass.  We were up in North Jersey on a hill
overlooking the New York City skyline.  I was pretty sure that the pass
would be visible even with all the light pollution, as the prediction was
for about 2.1 mag.  Sure enough, we spotted it just as it slid past
Formulhat and we watched it for several minutes until it faded out of view.
It slid past some of the famous sites of New York, like the Empire State
Building. Neato!

So, this became my first urban shuttle pass! :).

The second aspect was that my boyfriend works in the aerospace industry, and
he has actually worked on the gyros that were just installed on the HST. So
I thought it was special to show him his handiwork as it orbited in space.
It was really an experience, for the both of us.

Clear skies and long passes!

Penny Fischer
40.297N  -74.359W
President, S*T*A*R  Astronomy Society
Monmouth County, N.J. USA

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