STS-103 Plasma Trail

Evan Duffield (
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 12:25:49 +1100

Hi All

I was wondering whether any SeeSat subscribers have taken photos/imasges of
the Shuttle's plasma trail as it passed overhead Texas (and other Southern
States).  I was unable to get on to NASATV at the time that it passed close
to the Johnson Space Centre (I assume NASATV would have shown it as it flew
overhead central Texas - as it did during the Shuttle landing in mid-year.
I thought this to be the most spectacular part of that mission).  If there
are such photos (or even web links to video) of the pass 'over' JSC, it
would be great to see them 'on-line'.

Also, do you know of any people who would have taken CCD images of the
Shuttle together with HST on this.  I've seen images taken of the Shuttle
and Mir with a 12-inch Meade telescope.  These pics are on the site of
L'Astronomie au Quebec in Canada - well worth a look.  The address of this

p.s. I can't wait till the next mission - observers in south-eastern
Australia may have a chance to see a good fly-by!


Evan Duffield
Melbourne, Australia

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