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Was the regular NASA TV broadcast 40 minutes behind real time also or
was it just the webcast?
We can't get NASA TV direct from the satellite up here in the far
northwest since they moved it to a satellite way out over the Atlantic
to give some western Europe viewers a shot, and cut out the US taxpayers
who pay the bill out in the NW U.S.
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> Steve Rogers wrote:
> <Yes, there's some sort of built in delay. I missed it because of that
. . .
> >
> The NASA-TV tracking map for STS-103 being 45 min. behind real time
> me of how I became motivated to get more involved with satellite
> It related to NASA-TV but in a negative way.  In 1995, I had
downloaded the
> tracking program STS Plus from the JPL BBS.  Not being a whiz with
> programs, I wasn't sure how to set it up and run it.  I had been
> enough to download it but too lazy or not motivated enough to get
> in learning to run it.  I had access to NASA-TV via the big satellite
> system.  Once during a Shuttle mission, I noticed, because of the
> map on NASA-TV, that the Shuttle was in transit acoss the Pacific and
> appeared that it would make a visible pass over southern California.
So I
> planned to monitor its progress and then when it got close to the
coast, I
> would go out and look.  Great!  One problem though.  Whoever was
> the images on NASA-TV had decided not to put the map on screen.
> they aired a wide shot of the mission control room from the front.  It
> just people sitting at their consoles.  Nothing was going on.  They
> showed the map again until the Shuttle was somewhere past California.
> aggravated me to no end.  I found a site on the web to send feedback
> and wrote a complaint to the director of NASA-TV.  Of course, I never
> received any response.
> At this point, I was extremely motivated to be able to do my own
> and not be dependent on NASA-TV.  So, I buried myself into the STS
> tracking program until I had it mastered.   I have NASA-TV to thank
for my
> motivation.
> Now I can always track the STS missions on STS Plus in real time along
> watching NASA-TV.  If they choose not to show the tracking map or have
> error in it, no big deal.  I've got it on my STS Plus display.
> -- Jake Rees
>     Burbank, California
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