Re: Shuttle Re-entry

Jake Rees (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 23:04:14 -0800

Dale Ireland wrote:
<Was the regular NASA TV broadcast 40 minutes behind real time also or
was it just the webcast?
We can't get NASA TV direct from the satellite up here in the far
northwest since they moved it to a satellite way out over the Atlantic
to give some western Europe viewers a shot, and cut out the US taxpayers
who pay the bill out in the NW U.S. >

I wasn't watching at the time so can't tell you about the delay.

NASA-TV is carried by the small dish digital TV system Dishnetwork:

Also, I thought I'd heard that it will be (or has been) added to the line-up
on the other small dish system Direct TV but am not sure of this.

NASA-TV is on GE-2 c-band transponder 9 for the big dish system.  It's at 85
degrees west.  It's a somewhat low angle shot from here but my system is set
up to receive as low as 62 degrees west towards the east end of the arc.  I
have no obstructions.

-- Jake Rees
    Burbank, California

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