Reentry seen again

Wed, 29 Dec 1999 10:15:23 -0600

I observed the reentry of STS-103 about 20 minutes after sunset about 2345UT
Dec. 27. This is either my 12th or 13th. Its difficult to keep track of
them. The skies here in Clear Lake were partly cloudy but it was easily seen
at magnitude -5 passing between clouds at  a maximum elevation of 15 degrees
above the northern horizon. The plasma trail was easily visible lagging 5 to
1- degrees behind, but dissipating within less than 10 seconds after the
orbiter passed a particular spot. Camcorder video taken (to be shown at
Eurosom 4 if Bart and company work out arrangements). This was not the most
difficult observation of a STS reentry as pointed out in an email  to
SEESAT-L a few years ago in which I observed another reentry in the parking
lot of Hobby airport after sunrise while waiting for the shuttle bus to pick
me up.


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