TLE format 2000
Fri, 31 Dec 99 00:39:00 NZST

The GPS almanac currently being transmitted by the GPS satellite
fleet (at time of writing) is for the Epoch Jan 1 19:50:24 (GPS

This when processed by my ALM2TLE software gives a TLE that when
used on Dave Ransom's STSPLUS, gives satellite position that
agrees perfectly with what the GPS receiver is saying. An
example of 1 of the 28 active satellites is shown below.

1 22231U 92079A   00001.82651620  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0001
2 22231  54.9816 117.8329 0048094 258.3468 313.3204  2.00492365 00004

This nicely shows that ALM2TLE and STSPLUS are handling the 2000 year
TLE format.

Regards from the beginning of Summer in the South Pacific, Geoff....

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