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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 06:24:27 PST

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    I bet he used his skymap program. 
    You should download it and buy it like I have, It is well worth it.
    It is very accurate program, and I use it all the time.
    You can get it from
    As for satellite Mag's they are predicted values. So A sat can appear brighter or fainter than
    what the program say's. The more observations you make of the sat, the better the prediction of
    the sat's brightness will be. Different programs use different ways of calculating a sat
    brightness, so you will get diferent answers to the brightness og magnitude value. 
    Welcome to the world of satellite watchers
    Kevin Fetter
    --- Alexander M <> wrote:
    > Hallo Robert,
    > Thank you for your information and for your correction! I took obviosly the 
    > wrong star from the whole sky chart of heavens-above. Pretty typical 
    > beginner mistake. I only remembered it was the brightest star in a big area 
    > of the sky, I didn't realised that sirius the brightest of all was there, 
    > that is not to excuse.
    > I was a bit confused that heavens-above didn't show this object in the daily 
    > predictions, although it was that bright.
    > I would like to get the gif image of the two track against the stars. Thank 
    > you very much!
    > From what source did you get the information that it was Cosmos 756 R/B?
    > What program do you use to create the gif file?
    > Where are the so precise times from?
    > Heavens-above says that the space trah cosmos 756 rocket stage had this year 
    > it's 25th anniversary of flying around the earth - and so lived longer that 
    > the satellite it carried up that already dacayed 8 years ago.
    > Thank you for you email!
    > Alexander
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