Updated 96072A search elements

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@home.com)
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 14:22:54 PST

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    I have received two additional observation reports since Tony Beresford's
    recovery of USA 129.
    Greg Roberts observed it on two passes late on 2000 Dec 01 UTC. He is unlikely
    to have time to fully reduce the data until 03 Dec, but did describe a couple
    of appulses of bright stars, with approximate timings.
    The second observer (name withheld pending receipt of permission to publish)
    provided a single, more precisely stated point, taken mid-day on 2000 Dec 02
    Using all but Greg's appulse post-manoeuvre observations, I used Elcor to
    revise the elements as follows:
    1 70000U          00334.87885417  .00040432  00000-0  60988-3 0    05
    2 70000  97.8152  35.0898 0509000 158.8882 359.9883 14.74556233    03
    Mean residuals are about 0.1 deg.
    I arrived at the above by adjusting the mean anomaly and mean motion of several
    of the original search element sets (70000 through 70003). I was looking for
    the set that most likely coincided with the time and location of the manoeuvre,
    which should have occurred close to a passage through perigee. Since the epoch
    of the search elements coincides with perigee passage, the mean anomaly should
    be close to zero (or 360) deg. The above set, 70000, most closely maintained
    this criteria.
    Finally, I manually adjusted the eccentricity to maintain the original perigee
    height, and re-ran the adjustment of mean anomaly and mean motion.
    The post-manoeuvre mean motion is a bit greater than those of recent
    manoeuvres, but not unusual over the approximately 15 year history of use of
    the present KeyHole orbit.
    The above elements are in good agreement with Greg's appulse information.
    Ted Molczan
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