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From: Ulrich Beinert (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 09:45:32 PST

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    I've just joined the list and would like to introduce myself!
    I'm a 17-year-old amateur astronomer living in Kronberg, Germany (very
    light-polluted and especially cloudy). My interest in satellite observing
    began when I found a note on the Internet about 1 1/2 years ago on observing
    Iridium flares. For weeks, I printed out the pass predictions from
    Heavens-Above (which still had a different name at that time) and tried to
    see one of the flaring satellites, but always failed due to the long periods
    of cloud and rain we tend to have here in Europe.
    Then finally, one day, I saw one of the amazing flares. It was one of the
    most fascinating thing I'd ever seen, and since then, I've tried seeing
    everything possible that flies above us in space. Most of the time, I try
    photographing what I see in order to keep a record for myself (I've
    photographed quite a few Iridium flares and even two geostationary
    satellites, the latter of which I have never observed visually because my
    114mm scope won't show these faint satellites).
    I hope to learn lots from this list as well as get tips on what to look out
    for. I would have assumed I could see the shuttle and ISS again now, but
    Heavens-Above showed *no passes* for the next 10 days! I guess I'll have to
    wait until the next mission to see them together again. I have seen them
    together once before, reaching mag -3 - an amazing sight! The two flying 20
    degrees apart after their separation was great, too!
    Clear skies,
    Ulrich Beinert
    Eichenstr. 31
    D-61476 Kronberg   Tel.: (+49) 6173-4690   (+49) 6173-703529
    GERMANY            50*10'49.2"N   08*30'20.4"E   260 meters
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