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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 04:09:25 PST

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    About solar cells causing reflections. If on a operational geo sat, the cells track the sun then
    they can point to the earth. If a geo sat is on the eaquator, and the sun is on the equator such
    as happens on Mar 21-22 , then the cells should be pointing at the earth in the suns direction. So
    if the satellite is at say 180 degrees, and the sun is at 0 degrees then you could draw a line
    from the sun throught the center of the earth to the satellite solar cells. Which means the cells
    could reflect light back to the earth, with a position on the equator giving the area on the earth
    where the reflection would be brightest. But since the earth would be between the sat and the sun,
    the satellite wouldn't be lit by the sun, so it cells won't reflect light to the earth. But then
    there is people who have seen the geo sat's get bright around the time they will enter the earth's
    shadow. Is not watching sat's great, they can flare for no know reason. Something is causing it
    though. If not the cells then something else. Uars and jers do undergo sat flares.
    I keep and eye out for those satellites, as they can flare and there is no predictions for them.
    Then there is others. What a great hobby.
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