ISS Orientation

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 10:05:01 PST

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    Hello List.
    I'm not sure what the orientation of the ISS while orbiting the Earth is, 
    but I believe it is this:
    The V-axis is the lengthwise axis, from Zvevda through Unity, and in the 
    direction of motion,
    therefore V-axis from velocity. The positive being on the Unity side.
    The other axis, the R-axis is the imaginary line connecting the ISS with 
    the Earth, with the positive side directing to Earth. I believe the last 
    axis is called the X-axis and in a right-handed system should be pointing 
    up, so in a northern direction.
    Now I believe that the solar arrays on both the P6 truss and the Zvevda and 
    Zarya modules are aligned along the last axis, the X-axis, and are only 
    able to rotate along this axis.
    Please note that this is true under the assumption that the solar arrays 
    also keep tracking the Sun while the complex is in the shadow of the Earth.
    Can someone reject or confirm my assumptions?
    Regards and clear skies,
    	Cees Bassa
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