Re: ISS-Shuttle at night

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 14:41:47 PST

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    Hello List,
    At 06:23 4-12-00 , you wrote:
    >Following a request for observation I made on the French "liste Alphonse", one
    >observer, Etienne Simian from France, was able to spot it with binoculars at
    >21:56 UT on Dec. 3 during the EVA. Shuttle was in darkness and lit by its
    >floodlights. Magnitude was reported at 6 or 7. I tried twice myself after that
    >with my 20x80 but was not able to see it under slightly hazy skies.
    About half an hour ago I read on that NASA and the 
    STS97 crew
    will attempt to unfold the second solar array at 23:23 GMT. To me it seems 
    logic the
    Shuttle floodlights will be on to illuminate the scenes.
    I had one pass at 22:32 GMT and will have another one at 00:08 GMT. 
    Unfortunately I was
    not able to spot the Shuttle during this pass. Anyone can tell me if the 
    floodlights were on
    during that pass and are the going to be on at 00:08 GMT?
             Cees Bassa
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