Eyepiece Recommendations For Sat Viewing

From: Patrick Walsh (patrickfwd@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 20:49:16 PST

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    Hi Everyone,
       I'm just about to take delivery of a new Orion XT
    10" Dobsonian telescope.  This is an F5, 1255mm focal
    length newtonian.  With Christmas coming up, I thought
    I would cash in and ask the parents (I mean Santa, or
    course) for an eyepiece.  I am planning on sticking
    with astronomy and sat observation for a while, so I
    am looking for a premium EP, something along the lines
    of a Televue Radian or the like.  Now, I have to
    balance the use of this eyepiece with regular ole'
    astronomy, so eypieces with dual purposes would be
    much preferred.  
       What eypieces do you all find most useful for
    satellite observation?  Is it even possible to track
    fast moving satellites like the ISS or Mir with a high
    power eyepiece, eg. a Radian 5mm, or is it virtually
    impossible to keep the satellite in the FOV?  If this
    is the case I would probably lean towards a wide field
    type, which I could also use for DSO/starhopping work,
    like a Televue Plossl 32.  Thanks for your help, any
    suggestions are welcome!
    Clear Skies,
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