EP Recommendations

From: Patrick Walsh (patrickfwd@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 14:32:18 PST

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    Thanks to all the people who replied, I think I am
    leaning towards a widefield type eyepiece of some
    sort, basically because it would be very difficult to
    track LEOs at high power with a dob.  However, I would
    like to hear from anyone who thinks the views with a
    high power EP would be okay, because I was initially
    leaning toward a high power EP for planetary viewing. 
    Is there a remarkable jump in quality from a wide
    angle to a high power eyepiece?  For instance, is
    detail visible in ISS at 400x while it isn't at lower
    powers?  I rarely read discussions on SeeSat about
    which telescope observing techniques yield the best
    results.  And by the way, I got many more replies here
    than I did from a post on SAA, which just goes to show
    what a great list this is (our fewer than 1000 users
    compared to SAA's over 10,000).  Thanks again for your
    help everyone!
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