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From: Robert Christy (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 00:07:46 PST

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    Is there no market for secondhand books in the US?
    Some of the best, and most useful, space and satellite books I've picked up 
    in the past ten years have been from secondhand stores and book sales. 
    There seems to be plenty of s/h dealers on the Internet.
    I would suggest adding King-Hele's "Satellites and Scientific Research" to 
    the list, together with Howard Miles' "Artificial Satellite Observing". Also there 
    are two versions of "Observing Earth Satellites".
    Bob Christy
    On 7 Dec 2000, at 21:26, Patrick Walsh wrote:
    Hi Everyone,
       I was thinking of asking for a book on orbital
    mechanics/sat observing for christmas.  What would you
    recommend?  I see that the most recommended is
    _Observing Earth Satellites_ by King-Hele, but that is
    out of print.  Another more recently published book
    ('92) by King-Hele called _A Tapestry Of Orbits_ is
    still in print, but it costs eighty bucks at Amazon,
    (!!!) and I don't even know if it has the stuff I'm
    looking for.  So could anyone recommend a relatively
    cheap book (like under fifty bucks) that teach me
    something about this hobby and let me understand more
    of the technical stuff that is talked about here? 
    Thanks a lot!
    Clear skies,
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