Re: Books On Sat Observing

From: Marc Bradshaw (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 00:13:35 PST

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    Hi Patrick,
    Try's out of print book search service. I've turned up a few
    obscure out of print books that way. You will need a credit card (or
    someone with one) to initiate the search, and you may not get it time
    for Santa to include it in your stocking, but it may be worth a try.....
    Best regards, Marc Bradshaw
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    Patrick Walsh wrote:
    > Hi Everyone,
    >    I was thinking of asking for a book on orbital
    > mechanics/sat observing for christmas.  What would you
    > recommend?  I see that the most recommended is
    > _Observing Earth Satellites_ by King-Hele, but that is
    > out of print.  Another more recently published book
    > ('92) by King-Hele called _A Tapestry Of Orbits_ is
    > still in print, but it costs eighty bucks at Amazon,
    > (!!!) and I don't even know if it has the stuff I'm
    > looking for.  So could anyone recommend a relatively
    > cheap book (like under fifty bucks) that teach me
    > something about this hobby and let me understand more
    > of the technical stuff that is talked about here?
    > Thanks a lot!
    > Clear skies,
    > Patrick
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