Iridium 14 -- excellent pass last night

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 02:57:28 PST

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    For flashing Iridium fans, last night Iridium 14 (24836, 
    97-030A) did a great pass over here.  It flashed one-power 
    bright continuously from south to north.  After starting 
    out at only about +3 or so, it brightened to at least -1 
    before culmination and then faded some; then after 
    culmination it began to do double flashes, first 
    bright-faint, then bright-bright, then faint-bright, then 
    back to single flashes.  The brightest flashes of all were
    after culmination while it was in the general area of 
    Cassiopeia, probably at least -3.
    Iridium 11 (24842, 97-030G) did some nice flashes also.
    EUVE (21987, 92-031A) flared pretty bright in the SW.  
    It's about to be taken out of service:

    ISS and STS-97 were surprisingly bright low in the SSW 
    with a bad phase angle; probably about +2 or so.  I 
    noticed in a photo of them docked that the shuttle 
    appeared to have its black underside towards the Earth.  
    Has it been that way since they docked?  
    Observed from UT Austin campus, 30.286N, 97.739W, 150m.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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