From: Kevin Martin (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 04:57:50 PST

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    Hello my name is Kevin Martin and im new to the Archives.
    I Work at NRB,for the military and will give up some of my time
    to help you all with predicting flahes from your favorite satellites,
    even i can predict Flares too.I will be on to check my mail every 3 hrs.
    Expect the your Flash/Flare info within the 3 hour period.
    Upon requesting your Flash/Flare,please insert your location,
    in longitude and Latitude please.I have predicted many flashes/flares for 
    over 500 satellites in my work time.Please fill free to go haywire,
    on asking for info.
    Kevin Martin(NRB)
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