Re: Books On Sat Observing

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 07:01:10 PST

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    Sue Worden said,
    > I found several listings, worldwide, for each of the
    > Desmond King-Hele books by doing an author search on
    > "king-hele" at:
    An excellent resource, thanks for pointing it out.  As I think others have
    already said, is another good place to check.
    > Having *finally* lucked out, myself, some months ago,
    > by finding each of the books (excellent condition!)
    > being offered for about 20 USD apiece at one online
    > used bookstore, I can only wish you all equal luck!
    I just got a  loaner copy (my first one is signed by Russell Eberst -- no
    way that gets out of my hands) of the 1966 edition of K-H's "Observing Earth
    Satellites"  from a store in Sydney for 32 $.OZ, $16.64 US including
    shipping.  The 1966 edition, BTW, is the one I prefer, though the 1983 one
    is also worth having.
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