Christmas Eyepieces/Books

From: Patrick Walsh (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 11:36:22 PST

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    Hi Everyone,
       Thanks for all your help on the telescope eyepieces
    and books on observing.  My XT10" Dob arrived on
    Thursday, but the base was misrouted by UPS, and was
    shipped out to Kansas after making it all the way to
    Chicago (about 10 miles from me).  It is rescheduled
    for delivery on Monday.  With your help and the advice
    from people on sci.astro.amateur, I decide I am going
    to get the Celestron Ultima 30 eyepiece, and maybe
    also the 12.5mm version.  The 30 will give me a 1.3
    degree FOV in my scope, which fits the bill for sat
      Thanks to a tip from Bob King, I found a copy of
    _Observing Earth Satellites_, and I'm also going to
    get the book _Fundamentals of Astrodynamics_, which is
    still in print.   Both of these are about ten bucks,
    so I think I'm getting a darn good deal.  Thanks to
    everyone here who offered suggestions, they were a ton
    of help!
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