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Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 03:45:40 PST

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    Hello im Here to imform everyone that The Program that i use for
    the military will be available to everyone who wants it free.Starting 
    2/1/2001.The program will enable you two imput your own
    Orbital Elements and view 3-D Models in a Whole Sky view Simulation.
    You 3-D model will be Prognated and put in a 3-D Visualization window
    With your Model Circling the earth.
    Your Program will include:
    Permant Licences for all program runnings!
    Visualization Windows for 3-D experiences.
    Add your own satellites,vectors,angles,and create your 3-D object.
    over 5000 objects to view in 3-D, flying across your sky.
    Input locations.
    2-D map of world to show satellite position.
    Even launch your own satellite from Vehicle in 3-D!
    Complete star Databases.
    A modeling tool which enables you to design your own satellite.
    This program has it all!
    Even you can Input spin rate which i will give you Daily so you can
    make that certain satellite Tumble on any axis Given for spin rate.
    See iridium Flares that arent predicted on
    See Superbird A panel that actually creates these flashes.
    Sl-16 rockets tumbling by your area.
    Famouus Mir Solar Panel flares.
    The Noaa satellites 1 inch mirror that makes -2 flares!
    DMSP satellites come about with flashes.
    See All satellites Come alive with 3-D views!
    Welcome to the power of the Satellite Observering age,
    pushing satellite observing to the furthest,on 1 CD-ROM thats FREE!
    on a program developed by Kevin Martin of (NRB).
    Happy skies,
    Kevin Martin
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