TRMM Behind Schedule

Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 06:09:26 PST

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    I Went out into the morning twilight just now and waited for a passover by 
    I scanned the sky and at 4:58:00am it was supposed to be at maximum alltitude 
    78 degrees at a 1.1. mag.I then scanned down the path of the orbit and there 
    it was,
    coming out from the western skies.At about 4:58:45am, It finally reached 
    point of 77 degrees,and a magnitude of -0.
    this Delay in time I believe is due to changing the satellites orbit slightly 
    therefore decreasing the speed of the Satellite.
    So Everyone TRMM is behind by 45 Seconds.
    Regards and Happy Skies!
    Kevin Martin(NRB)
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