Re: Shuttle Entry Coast Crossing Point?

Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 09:49:20 PST

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    Bill Bard wrote
    >The shuttle entry plots are up and show the shuttle generally crossing the
    >Florida west coast near Sarasota. Does anyone one have a more precise
    >lat/long? Height and time would also be nice.
    The NASA Human Spaceflight Realtime Data page has a Java applet, Skywatch, 
    which will compute an ephemeris for the landing for any location.  User entry 
    consists of latitude, longitude (negative for USA), elevation, and GMT 
    correction, also negative.  Look for "KSC170" under the input data.
    <A HREF="">>
    I have emailed separately an attachment with an HTML file of the output table 
    for Tampa, let me know if you have trouble receiving it.  The table includes 
    times, azimuth, altitude in degrees and range, and indicates a sighting is 
    Dan Laszlo
    Fort Collins CO
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