RE: Stardust Flyby?

From: Randy John (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 11:09:08 PST

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    Oops!  OK, I concur with Ralph.  I note that TCM #4 was recently performed.  Perhaps Horizons didn't know about it.  (Or maybe I just messed up).
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    From: Ralph McConahy []
    Stardust's closest approach, at 11:23 on Jan-15, is 0.000689 light-minutes
    away. This translates into approx 12,400 km. Subtracting 6378 km (radius of
    the Earth) leaves only 6022 km. Since the mean distance to the moon is
    approx 384,400 km, this means that Stardust will approach approx 0.015 lunar
    distances from the earth.
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