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From: Scaramuzza Maurizio (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 02:22:25 PST

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    There seems to be the need for a tool to convert a given date to day of
    year. Due to the fact that I have already some procedures dealing with stuff
    like that I was able to write a 'quick and dirty' tool for these
    convertions. You can find the tool at following address:
    You have simply to write the date on the left side of the window and then
    press the button '>' to get day of year and fraction of day. I didn't have
    the time to test it and would agree to get some comments on the correctness.
    The converstions should be valid between the years of 1901 to 2099, long
    enough for our purpose...
    Maurizio Scaramuzza
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