Beautiful Progress + ISS passes

From: Edward S Light (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 15:13:30 PST

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    Despite thin clouds, in advance of a forecasted winter storm,
    we just saw beautiful high passes of Progress M1-4 (26615=00-073A) and
    ISS (25544=98-067A).
    At 17:30.7 EST (22:30.7 UTC 13 December), Progress appeared about mag 0.5
    (i.e. between Vega and Deneb in brightness) as it zipped through Pegasus.
    Then, at 22:33.7 UTC, as it was some 20 degrees to the left of Altair
    (at 36 deg elevation in the SW), ISS was seen at approximate magnitude
    At its highest (82 degs, above the great square of Pegasus), at 22:34.8
    it was noticeably brighter than Jupiter's -2.8 mag, say about -3 or -3.5.
    By 22:35.6, as it passed through Perseus (47 deg high in the ENE), it had
    "faded" to Jupiter's brightness.
    Unlike last night, ISS's copperish color, while still noticeable, was not
    very prominent (although it was definitely redder than Jupiter).
    We didn't have time to get our binoculars so no attempt was made to see
    any "shape"; the clouds would've probably made it difficult anyway.
    Clear and dark skies!
    Ed and Darlene Light
    Lakewood, New Jersey, USA
    40.1075N, 074.2312W, +24m (80 feet)
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