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Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 08:37:14 PST

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                           STARDUST Status Report
                             December 15, 2000
    There were eight Deep Space Network (DSN) tracking passes during the past
    week. All subsystems onboard the spacecraft are performing normally.
    The Earth Gravity Assist (EGA) mission event review was held on December
    7th.  The review resulted in a good discussion of the activities planned
    for EGA. The planned EGA activities are:
       Jan 5  - Trajectory Correction Maneuver #5 (TCM-5) is scheduled for 1000 (MST)
       Jan 10 - Transition to a fixed attitude since the angle to Earth will
                change rapidly as the closest flyby distance approaches.
       Jan 14 - Transition to Gyro Based Attitude Determination.
       Jan 15 - At approximately 04:13:40 (MST) the closest approach
                will occur, 6000 km from the earth.
       Feb 14 - TCM-6
    The navigation camera's CCD heater remains on and will be kept in this
    configuration until Monday December 18th, when the heater will be turned off.
    The STARDUST Outreach team gave a Stardust talk to Science Teachers at the
    Maryland Science Center on December 14.
    For more information on the STARDUST mission - the first ever comet
    sample return mission - please visit the STARDUST home page:
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