Cosmos 1300 Flares for long time!

Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 16:16:38 PST

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    Hi everyone Last night on the 16th of Dec, I walked outside to view the COBE 
    satellite flying across at 72 degrees.Shortly after another satellite was 
    spot coming
    out of the North and Heading South.Went almost Zenith.Almost Zenith in the 
    It flared from a normal +4, to a -0 and sustained that magnitude for over 30 
    Then subsided down to a magnitude +4.5 and headed down south until gone.
    This Satellite wasnt a Rocket, nor a Space Station.The program computed it
    to be Cosmos 1300.
    I advise you all to Monitor this satellite for further flares.
    Its worth a Look!
    Kevin Martin(NRB)and Team
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