Observations 96072A

From: Greg Roberts (grr@iafrica.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 04:37:31 PST

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    Weather not too good at the moment. Herewith recent observations on USA129
    in IOD format
    24680 96 072A   0433 F 20001214200034400 27 25 0731409-284920 56 S+062 03
    24680 96 072A   0433 F 20001214200042480 27 25 0726300-271300 56 S+062 03
    24680 96 072A   0433 F 20001214200049530 27 25 0721597-254760 56 S+062 03
    24680 96 072A   0433 B 20001217193654540 27 25 0809520-224300 56 S+065 03
    Last night - Dec 17 UT was very poor - thick cirrus. Whilst waiting for
    USA129 I picked up
    what looked like two members of a NOSS trio which I am unable to match with
    any satellites
    in the current ALLDAT.TLE and CLASSFD.TLE files. They unfortunately passed
    the lower left edge of the video frame so I was only able to get two good
    positions. In an
    effort to define the inclination I extrapolated a position for the top
     trailing ) object -it
    shouldnt be far out
    Leading (lower object)  17 Dec 19h 00m16.07s UT  RA 07h 10.99m, Dec -24d
    Trailing (higher object)  17 Dec 19h 00m17.77s UT  RA 07h 10.51m, Dec -24d
    extrapolated ( just outside frame):
    Trailing object               17 Dec 19h00m20.21s UT   RA 07h06.70, Dec -24d
     - all positions J2000.0
    both looked identical, both steady ( about magnitude +6.5 ) but cirrus could
    have been a
    problem. The trailing object was 0.347 degrees higher in elevation than the
    leading object
    and appeared to be travelling parallel to one another and at the same
    angular velocity.
    Despite playing the tape back many times I was not able to see a third
    member .
    Conditions for tonight look no better - still thick cirrus- ideal for the
    holiday makers but
    no good for satellite tracking!
    Sorry - no signature yet- still getting my pc back into shape after my
    battle with so called
    software from Bill Gates.
    Site COSPAR #0433, Long 18.51294 deg E, Lat 33.94058 deg S, alt 10
    metres -near Cape
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