RE: Cosmos 975 Rocket

From: Ulrich Beinert (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 09:50:55 PST

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    I finally got a chance to observe the rocket in the evening UT hours of
    17-December and did not notice any flares! I used SatSpy for the
    predictions. Strangely, I did not see most of the satellites I had chosen
    even though I had never had problems with the program before! What is the
    "standard magnitude" referred to in the right column of the Viewing
    Opportunities window? Is this visual magnitude, like a star's mag? Or is it
    something else? Because some satellites were supposed to be at mag. 1 and I
    did not see them at all. And the prediction for Cosmos 975R said 2.2m, and
    it was barely visible to the naked eye (about 4-5m!).....
    Clear skies,
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    > Hi kevin Martin here, with NRB to let you know that Cosmos 975 Rocket is
    > Tumbling on all 3 axis's and can have Flares up to -5 at anytime. Ive
    > witnessed this
    > such event about 2 days ago and WOW! i took me by suprise.
    > I timed about every 12s a flash happens.
    > NOTE:  Cosmos likly flashes will be 99% of all its passes.
    > Regards,
    > Kevin Martin(NRB)
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