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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 10:31:41 PST

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    > For example, let's say a new satellite is observed at magnitude
    > +5.0 at precisely 1000-km slant range (to remove range from
    > the equation), and 75% "illumination", which I take to mean
    > a sun-satellite-observer angle of 45 degrees.  What is this
    > satellite's standard magnitude?  (The correct answer is +5.94).
    According to the formula
    A - 15.75 + 2.5 x log (BxB/C),
    where A = the Standard magnitude,
    where B = the range in kilometers, and
    where C = the satellite illumination,
    If I input 5.94 for A, 1000km for B, and 75% for C, I get +5.50.
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