Xmas puzzle

From: Russell (eberst@cableinet.co.uk)
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 06:13:25 PST

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    Apologies for being slightly off topic, but here is an alternative to
    keep you occupied over the festive period.
    Most satellite-trackers use the stars as reference points, but you would
    need to be able to recognise the constellations. Have a go at identifying
    some of the constellations hidden in the word square below.
    The names are in straight lines, up or down, left to right, or right to
    left, or even diagonally. See how many you can find! 
           A C R U X L U P U S E C
           S R E T A R C O R O N A
           C E N T A U R U S N L S
           G R U S U P E L A O Y S
           O C T A N S G E M I N I
           V A E V I R G O A R X O
           A C A N I S M A J O R P
           P L I R D R A C O A M E
           U Z E K Y S E I R A R I
           S U N V U L P E C U L A
     If you want to use this word-square for your local astronomy club
    magazine, you are welcome to do so but please include credit for
    authorship. Now, did I see the S U N above the south-west horizon?
    Best wishes,  Russell Eberst
    Station 2420:  Latitude 55.9486N, Longitude 3.1383W, height 150ft = 46m.
    181390 Observations
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