Newcomer with unidentified obs from France

From: Patrick JL (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 09:33:35 PST

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    Hi everyone !
    I'm Patrick, 55, French Air Force Officer, former pilot and skipper. My
    country observation place is Lat 48.067 N, Long 4.133 E, that is in Southern
    Champagne, France. Have a 118mm telescope I use with my son Charles, 14, for
    Moon and Jupiter satellites observations. I published my Echo balloon
    satellite obs in 1960 in the monthly revue of Societe Astronomique de
    On August 24, 2000, we were my son and I plus a friend of him, observing
    planets at approx 02:25 UTC.
    Coming up from the South to near zenith, Charles first saw THREE satellite
    like bright objects, flying as an isocele triangle, sharp angle forward.
    Height of triangle : about 2 degrees. Sky visible inside the triangle with
    binoculars. Constant lights mag -2. Disappeared N-NE behind trees.
    Similar observation of three objects made by hundreds people in Paris
    beginning (10 th ?) of August when watching outdoor movie inside City of
    Read that ESA CLUSTER project to launch 4 satellites scheduled to fly
    together during two years.
    We saw "only" three spatial objects flying together. Were was the fourth ?
    Has anybody an idea of what we saw that night ?
    Thanks and rgds.
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