RE: NOSS Triplet photography?

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 09:06:22 PST

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    It is easy. Any normal or wide angle lens on a tripod, a film of asa400 or
    better and leave the shutter open as the satellite passes. Usually best to
    stop the lens down one stop from wide open to reduce aberrations at the
    edges of the frame.
    here is one I took that was in the July 1995 Sky and telescope
    35mm lens 400 film f/4
    and here is one that was in the Feb 1997 issue of S&T of the space shuttle
    during reentry
    105mm lens 400 film f/4
    NOSS is just a few degrees wide but dimmer than these so a 50mm lens with
    ASA800 film at f/2.8 would work great. The exposure is not a factor since
    the object is moving. Generally you want to start the exposure 15 or 20
    seconds before the satellites enter the field to get good star images but
    not too trailed, then stop the exposure with them still in the field to give
    the impression of motion and to define their separation in two dimensions.
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    > From: Ulrich Beinert
    > He gives no data regarding exposure and camera setup. What's required for
    > photography of these sats (focal length? film speed? exposure?)
    > Ulrich
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