Re: Newcomer with unidentified obs from France

From: Patrick Walsh (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 09:10:38 PST

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    Hi Jim and others,
       I have never heard of these sats being brighter
    than mag 4, and they are very popular sats to observe.
     How could they jump up to -2 just like that?  Even if
    he saw some extremely rare flare (I've never heard of
    any type of NOSS flare before), then it would not have
    been a continuous -2.  What's the deal?
    Patrick Walsh
    Jim Nix Wrote: (With Lots of Snips)
    Hi Patrick,
    In particular the shorter exposure that better shows
    their formation.
        -2.0 is pretty bright for these birds, I've
    observed them often and sometimes they are
    naked eye from my location, around mag 4.0.  I've also
    observed newly launched objects,
    they are often "in line" in the first dozen or so
    Jim Nix
    Patrick JL wrote:
    > On August 24, 2000, we were my son and I plus a
    friend of him, observing
    > planets at approx 02:25 UTC.
    > Coming up from the South to near zenith, Charles
    first saw THREE satellite
    > like bright objects, flying as an isocele triangle,
    sharp angle forward.
    > Height of triangle : about 2 degrees. Sky visible
    inside the triangle with
    > binoculars. Constant lights mag -2. Disappeared N-NE
    behind trees.
    > Similar observation of three objects made by
    hundreds people in Paris
    > beginning (10 th ?) of August when watching outdoor
    movie inside City of
    > Science.
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