Progress M1-4 redocking

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 11:26:57 PST

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    Hi all,
    Now is the time to make interesting observations of the ISS and the Progress
    M1-4 trash can. The scheduled redocking of this ship is to take place at 11:02
    UT on Dec. 26. Until then, Progress manoeuvres around the station.
    On Dec. 20 at 12:55 UT, its orbit was raised to be about 5 km above ISS. This
    is causing ISS to catch up on Progress witn closest approach at around 21:42 UT
    today, Dec. 23. Separation should be a little more than 4 km.
    After that, Progress will trail ISS with a distance increasing to 640 km where
    it will be manoeuvred in a lower orbit again to catch up with the ISS from
    below. Station keeping at 200 meters from the nadir docking port of the Zarya
    module is to occur at 10:36 UT on the 26. Gidzenko will then pilot the craft
    using the TORU system to a docking at 11:02.
    So there are interesting ISS obs to come along with an solar eclipse on
    Christmas day that happens to be my birthday also. In Quebec we are the most
    favorably placed to watch this event but the weather doesn't look promising.
    Happy Holiday season to all,
    Daniel Deak
    representant, projet spatial Starshine
    Drummondville, Quebec
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