ISS Video now mp4 codex available!!!

From: Josef Huber (
Date: Sun Dec 24 2000 - 10:34:46 PST

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    I heard that the most users need the mp4 codex to see our video from ISS
    Space Station pass over
    munich. The codex and one picture is now on the homepage.
    please download first the codex install it and follow the instructions. Then
    download the video and save
    it to harddisk. At last go into the explorer and doubleclick at the video.
    Media Player will be open and
    show you the video.
    video you can see the three modules and the solar panels. The fist part is
    our finder and then it is switched to the main
    telescope. We also recorded the speech to the ground station at moskau on
    143.625 Mhz.
    the video with encoder is on:
    I hope the data reduction is ok, because the orginal video with 1.27GB is to
    big for the internet.
    if you have any questions or comments please send a email to me.
    Josef Huber
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