December 25th Observations

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 11:46:32 PST

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    For the first time in months, I had an opportunity to observe earth
    orbiting satellites!
    10:49:17 - Saw the Cosmos 1116 Rocket.  Bright, glorious, naked-eye pass.
    10:59:37 - Saw the aged Cosmos 100 satellite in a brilliant overhead
    11:19:12 - Saw the Spot 2 Rocket, magnitude +4.  It was quite faint in my
    7x35's at >85d elevation, because the morning stars were starting to say
    goodbye to morning twilight.  It was amazing how fast twilight came upon
    me.  I went inside to thaw out (temperatures were at about -13C, with
    considerable wind) from dark skies, and five minutes later when I went
    back out, there was considerable blueness in the skies, and my limiting
    magnitude went down from +3 to +2.  Thus, this satellite was not that
    easily seen.
    I was able to see these satellites by using a new system that I like very
    much.  I highlighted the data from the predictions page at, and copied it to the TI-86 program editor.  I then
    downloaded the data to my calculator.  It saved paper and ink, took less
    time than to print it, and was really fun to use.  No more fumbling with
    papers and pencils!
    On a somewhat off-topic note, does anyone have any low-cost anti-glare
    filters for a 17" monitor?  Ever since I finished school a couple of
    weeks ago, it has been quite painful to use the computer.  I was using
    the computer heavily as school ended (like 8-12 hours a day, up from
    about 2-3 hours a day).  Now, whenever I look at a mostly bright-white
    computer screen - it kills my eyes.  It's painful.  Has this happened to
    anyone else before - will it go away?  So I remembered an anti-glare
    filter on a monitor I see at a local library, how it GREATLY reduced the
    murderous glare.  Unfortunately, filters for my monitor size are in the
    triple-digits in dollars, and I certainly don't have that much money.  I
    would be ENORMOUSLY appreciative of anyone who can get one cheaper for
    me, or if anyone has a used one (all I care is that it still fulfills its
    purpose, I don't care what it looks like).
    Thank you very much!!
    Merry Christmas to you all! 
    Jonathan T. Wojack       
    39.706d N   75.683d W
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