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Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 16:43:44 PST

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    I'm Marth Christensen, sorta new subscriber.  I subscribed a couple months
    ago and have been fascinated with the message traffic.
    I'm an International Space Station "groupie".   I worked on Station for 5
    years, 1993 through 1998 in Houston.  I particularily enjoyed working with
    the International Partners.  It is truely amazing to see what one has worked
    on to come into fruition like this.  Now I am back in Seattle, WA.
    coordinates,  47.536N,  122.387W.
    I worked on the development of the Command and Data Handling system (C&DH)
    software, specifically in the command and telemetry area.  I'd be happy to
    answer any questions about ISS (if I can remember.)
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