Mao 1 R/B reentry

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 15:36:03 PST

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    Hi Alan, Paul, List,
    Based on Alan Pickup's latest TLEs, it looks like there's
    a chance that the Mao 1 R/B reentry could be visible from
    the Hawaiian islands around 3:20 UTC 29 December.  Unfortunately,
    this is before sunset.  From Honolulu, the predicted path
    culminates in the southwest just after 3:20 UT, at almost
    the same azimuth as the sun, but nearly 50 degrees above
    the horizon (as seen from Honolulu).  The rocket body is
    on a descending node pass.
    If it survives this pass, one half-rev later it makes an
    ascending node pass over Egypt around 04:17 UTC 29 December.
    From Cairo, the culmination elevation would be around 25
    degrees -- about the same as that of Castor and Pollux at
    that time.  It will be morning twilight in Cairo.  Skies
    will be darker closer to the reentry track, which passes
    from the southwest corner of Egypt to Al Alamayn on the
    northern coast).
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