RE: Spectacular ISS Pass

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 15:47:19 PST

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    Hi Ed,
    > We just saw what was likely the best ISS (98-067A = 25544) pass since it
    > "got its wings."
    > Rising in the WNW through Draco, at which time it resembled Vega (mag =0),
    > it brightened steadily as it climbed when, at 61 deg elevation, 351 deg
    > at about 17:49:20 EST (22:49:20 UTC on 28 December 2000), +/- 5 seconds,
    > it flared to slightly brighter than Venus' -4.3 magnitude.
    Thanks for your observation, Ed!  It tends to support my
    theory of when to expect glints off the (smaller) solar
    panels of ISS -- descending node passes in the evening
    (for northern hemisphere viewers).
    Using your detailed observation, I will be able to determine
    the tilt-forward angle of ISS's smaller solar arrays, which
    should allow crude estimates of when to expect ISS glints.
    Thanks!  --Rob
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