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From: Jeff (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 02:39:46 PST

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    Here is a good depiction of the current configuration of ISS.  I am 
    assuming this is the normal "LVLH" (local vertical, local horizontal) attitude.
    Rob Maston wrote:
    >was glinting for Ed had a surface normal that was pointing
    >about 15 degrees aft of starboard, and about 45 degrees
    >down toward nadir from the horizontal.  Looking at a
    >picture of ISS, the only thing that seems to fit would be
    >the small solar arrays on the Progress attached to the
    >back end of the station (at least I *assume* that's a
    >Progress in this picture):
    I would consider the two large radiators, extended at right angles below 
    the new solar arrays.  During unlatching and deployment of these two 
    sections (as seen on NASA TV) it was very apparent the high reflectivity, 
    mirror-like surfaces of the radiators.  You could easily see the astronauts 
    image reflected back into his helmet-cam!  The image shows them as a dull 
    grey, but they are much more reflective.  I will try to find exact dimensions.
    On the Progress panels - in the picture Rob referenced, I think he was 
    speaking of the Soyuz.  The Progress was not docked at the time of that 
    photo.  When compared to the above link you can see the Progress as it is 
    currently docked.  Note: after the next shuttle mission and final undocking 
    of the Progress M1-4, the Soyuz will move to the nadir docking port and 
    future Progress vehicles will dock at the end of the Service Module. (where 
    the Soyuz is now)
    On the solar panels of Zaraya and Zevezda - I have not yet found 
    confirmation if these panels are, in fact, NOT tracking the Sun.  One can 
    assume with the power requirements being met by the P6 solar arrays, these 
    smaller panels are not needed, but may be tracking for redundancy.
    Jeff Poplin
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